How to find a best Chinese supplier (factory)


How to find a best supplier in China or Guangdong Province, China?
1. Where are the factories? Most Chinese factories are in Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta.
2. How is the price and quality? Average price in Yangtze River Delta is lower than that in Pearl River Delta, but quality is not good as that in Pearl River Delta.
3. Industries in Pearl River Delta:
Foshan City: Lightings, Furniture(Shunde District), Home Appliances( Shunde District), Ceramic, Hardware.
Zhongshan City: Lightings
Guangzhou City: Clothes
Shenzhen City: Electronics, electrical components for lightings(like LED, LED driver)
Dongguan City: Lightings, electronics

4. How is the quality of lightings in different cities?
Zhongshan City is the lighting center of the world, but many factories have good quality and many factories have low quality. You need to be very careful when you choose a lighting supplier in Zhongshan City, especially when the price is low.
Lighting quality in Foshan City and Dongguan City is good, but average price is higher than that in Zhongshan City.

Tips: quality always matches cost. Don't be too high when you got low price. It is better to ask the salesman to explain why his price is higher than others, instead of ignore him and choose the supplier of lowest price.

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