Which is the best Chinese LED mirror factory?


Which is the best Chinese LED mirror factory?
How to find a best Chinese LED mirror factory?
As a salesman in LED mirror industry for 6 years, I would like to share my ideas.
What does "best" mean? In my opinion, "best'' means that factory matches your condition and requirements.
Factory capacity matches your order volume.
If your orders are not very big, and most your projects need customized LED mirror, you'd better don't find a very big factory, otherwise you are not important to that factory, and you won't get good service. Middle and professional factory is more suitable for you. Middle factory regards you as important client, and will give you good service, and professional factory can provide you great solutions and good quality LED mirror for your projects.

Where are the professional LED mirror factories?
What does" professional" mean? In my option, professional factories have following features.
1. Main product is LED mirror. Always focusing on manufacturing LED mirror is more professional than you manufacture many kinds of items. Some lighting companies manufacture a lot of kinds of lightings, LED mirror is only a small part of their product, how can they be professional in LED mirror? Some vanity factories also start to manufacture LED mirror, they are very unprofessional in electrical and lighting, their LED mirror will easy occur issues, like LED driver or LED strip not working.

2. Have a long time experience in LED mirror industry.
The factory team is better having at least 5 years experience in LED mirror field. Extensive experience is very import, it means they have met many problems and have sold the problems. They will help you avoid many problems, and provide you great service and high quality LED mirror.
Where are the professional factories? Then you need to know the LED mirror history. LED mirror was manufactured by Italian first, then Chinese factories started to manufacture in around 2010.
The earliest and professional several Chinese LED mirror factories are in Foshan City and Dongguan City.

3. Salesman and engineers should have extensive experience in LED mirror field. It is very difficult to communicate with an unprofessional salesman, it will not only waste your time, maybe also make you lose the project. professional engineers can provide your great solutions and make you happy.

Many factories in Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Ningbo, Xiamen, etc also manufacture LED mirror. You need to be careful before cooperate with them, don't be attractive by their low price.

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We focus on LED mirror and have a professional team with extensive experience in LED mirror field.

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